"The Ecumenical Jury of INTERFILM and SIGNIS awards its Prize in the Forum section to Erde for its depiction of the devastation of our planet by human intervention – an issue of urgent concern today. This documentary depicts searing images of the destruction of Earth’s topography and candid conversations with workers, engineers, and scientists. The jury commends the lamentation for Mother Earth spoken by an aboriginal Canadian woman at the conclusion of the film, which is an invitation to reflect on our responsibility."
Jury statement, Prize of the Ecumenical Jury, Berlinale Forum 2019

"Geyrhalter proves again that he is a unique figure in world cinema. [...] Images of Kubrickian strangeness, like pictures from another planet, some distant, grim, mineral-rich moon that we are callously exploiting because we don't care about it. [...] An eco-documentary with eerie and scalp-tingling landscapes."
The Guardian

"One of the most detailed, well-researched, poignant and epic environmental documentaries in recent years."

"There's an essential dialectic at work in the films of Nikolaus Geyrhalter. Although his documentaries assume a critical perspective on their often sobering subjects ... they also always contain a strong element of awe at the grandeur of the human enterprise and achievement on show. His preferred aesthetic strategy involves shooting from a distanced and fixed camera position to create monumental tableaux that are at once impressive and terrifying, and a lot of the films' moral and political power derives from the disconcerting tension between these two poles."
Sight & Sound